Solar Farm Cleaning in New Zealand: Expert Solar Panel Cleaning Services

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Solar Farm Cleaning with SolarCleano F1

The Importance of Solar Farm Cleaning for Maintaining PV Efficiency in New Zealand

The efficiency of a solar farm’s energy production is directly related to the consistent maintenance and cleaning of its panels. In New Zealand’s varied landscape, solar farms are susceptible to the accumulation of dust and soiling, factors that can significantly reduce the solar panels’ efficiency. Regular solar farm cleaning ensures that these installations maintain peak performance over time. It’s not just about keeping the panels clean; it’s about the longevity and efficiency of the solar farm as a whole. 

We can learn a lot from what people are doing overseas to solve this problem. Some smaller-scale solar farms are using traditional cleaning methods with water-fed poles. Large-scale installations are cleaned by robotic cleaners or tractor-based systems specifically designed for cleaning solar panels.

Finding the right cleaning solution for each solar farm requires expertise to ensure the panels are cleaned effectively, safely, and quickly. Important aspects to consider when choosing the correct cleaning method are:.

Effective Clean

New Zealand has many different microclimates, which all impact solar panel soiling in unique ways. Common problems we see are lichen growth, bird droppings, and pollen buildup on solar panels. Lichen, in particular, can cause huge problems if left to grow on panels. It requires more abrasive and labour-intensive cleaning techniques, so it requires closer attention and more regular cleaning than other soiling conditions. Creating a cleaning schedule tailored to each installation’s unique requirements and using the correct cleaning methods is crucial to keeping your solar panels operating at maximum efficiency.

Safe for Solar Panels

The chosen cleaning technique must ensure the safety and integrity of solar panels. Harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaning tools can damage the panel’s surface, leading to reduced efficiency or, worse, the need for costly repairs or replacements. The method must be gentle yet effective, preserving the panel’s longevity while ensuring optimal performance. We use pure water and specially designed soft brushes that effectively remove soiling without damaging the panels. It is important to note that this is a key reason why regular cleaning is recommended by panel manufacturers. If dirt and debris are left on panels for an extended period of time, more abrasive techniques or chemicals may need to be used. We can advise on some options at this stage, as we have access to solar-safe chemicals developed for these situations.


While maintaining effectiveness and safety, the cleaning method must also be cost-efficient. This doesn’t merely mean being inexpensive upfront but also cost-effective in the long term by preventing potential damage and maximising energy output. Efficient cleaning practices can extend the lifespan of the panels and reduce the frequency of costly maintenance or replacements. Our aim is to have little impact on your farm’s ability to produce electricity while cleaning takes place. We have the ability to clean during the night, and depending on the cleaning method, we may not need the panels to be in maintenance mode while cleaning.

Water Usage

Cleaning a solar farm requires careful management of water usage. Efficient cleaning methods that minimise water consumption are essential. Innovations in cleaning technology, such as robotic cleaning systems, significantly reduce water usage without compromising the cleanliness and efficiency of solar panels. By prioritising water-efficient practices, solar farms can contribute to water conservation efforts while maintaining optimal operational performance.

Water Quality

The quality of water used in the cleaning of solar panels is often overlooked but is crucial to ensuring the effectiveness of the cleaning process. Utilising pure water filtration systems to remove minerals and contaminants ensures that no residues are left on the panels post-cleaning. This is vital for maintaining the maximum efficiency of the solar panels, as residue build-up can block sunlight and reduce energy production. Over time, these minerals get baked into the face of the panels, becoming nearly impossible to remove, reducing efficiency. 

As a leader in solar panel cleaning services, Eco Shine Solar understands the small details involved in solar farm cleaning. Our cleaning services are designed to be thorough, using methods that ensure every solar panel is cleaned to the highest standard.

How Our Innovative Farm Cleaning Technology Supports Solar Farms

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Solar Farm Cleaning in New Zealand: Expert Solar Panel Cleaning Services 1

Our innovative farm cleaning technology, particularly the introduction of the Solarcleano F1 robot, marks a significant step forward in how we support solar farms in maintaining their efficiency and output. This cutting-edge cleaning robot is designed to navigate the solar panels with precision, ensuring each panel is meticulously cleaned without causing any damage or undue stress to the structure.

The Solarcleano F1 stands out for its ability to provide a thorough and gentle clean, adapting to different sizes and configurations of solar panels. Its automation and efficiency mean that it can clean more panels in less time, reducing downtime and increasing the productivity of the solar farm.

In addition to our advanced robot technology, we’re also exploring other methods, such as tractors equipped with cleaning brushes, to cater to the diverse needs of large-scale solar farms. These tractors are an excellent solution for large solar installations on flat ground, where they can quickly and efficiently traverse large areas, cleaning as they go. This method is particularly suited to farms where the panel layout accommodates vehicular access, providing a rapid and effective clean across vast arrays.

By investing in the Solarcleano F1 robot and planning to incorporate tractors with cleaning brushes, we’re positioning ourselves to offer the best and most cost-effective cleaning solutions to our customers. We aim to stay at the forefront of the cleaning industry in New Zealand, providing services that not only meet the current needs of solar farm operators but also anticipate their future requirements. With these technologies, we’re not just cleaning solar panels; we’re enhancing the overall efficiency and longevity of solar farms here in New Zealand.

Contact EcoShine Solar for tailored farm cleaning solutions.

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Solar Farm Cleaning in New Zealand: Expert Solar Panel Cleaning Services 2

If you’re looking for specialised farm cleaning solutions that cater specifically to the needs of your solar farm, contact EcoShine Solar today. We offer bespoke cleaning services, utilising the latest technology like the Solarcleano F1 robot, and are exploring the integration of tractor cleaning systems to provide comprehensive and efficient cleaning options. Our commitment to using advanced and cost-effective methods ensures that your solar farm maintains peak performance and longevity. Join us in leading New Zealand towards a cleaner, more sustainable future. 

Reach out to Eco Shine Solar for a cleaning service that’s tailored to your farm’s unique requirements.