Protect Your Solar Investment with Our Solar Panel Bird Proofing Solutions

We install long-lasting physical barriers that prevent birds from nesting and causing damage under your solar system.

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Solar Panel Bird Proofing,

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Eco Shine Solar was founded and is operated by 3 brothers from the Bay of Plenty!

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Eco Friendly

We use a pure water system to clean your solar panels, free of nasty chemicals.

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We are trained and certified to conduct our work safely on residential solar systems.

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We have over 15 years of combined experience in the Solar industry.

Bird Proof Your Solar Panels

Don’t let birds take a bite out of your solar energy savings; contact us today to learn more about our solar panel bird-proofing services.

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Avoid Fire Risk

Left unattended, birds nesting under your solar panels can cause a fire that could spread from your panels to your roof!

Protect Your Panel Wiring

Under your solar panels lie metres of wiring and connections carrying electricity from your panels to your home. Birds nesting will cause wear and tear, resulting in lost output or much worse.

Keep your Panels Clean

Bird droppings contain high levels of uric acid that can damage the surface of the panels while also carrying many diseases. Stop birds from using your panels as nesting spots with our birdproofing solutions.

How We Work

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2 Bird Proofing

You don’t need to be home for our bird proofing installation; we clean out any nests and install our barriers, preventing any future birds from coming to nest!

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We will send you your Bird-Guard product and workmanship warranties along with photos of your new bird-proofing solution.

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Frequently Asked Questions


  • Disease and lice are carried by birds, as are their droppings, which contain more than 60 pathogens and diseases, including E. coli and Salmonella. These pathogens and diseases pose a serious threat to humans. The pathogens in their droppings become airborne once they are dry, so we humans breathe them into our airways, which can be dangerous.
  • Birds make a lot of noise, especially their young ones. The sounds of pigeons day and night are very irritating and unforgiving to people who live and sleep directly under the roof.
  • Birds defecate in and around their nests, which causes staining and damage to the roof itself (uric acid).
  • The overall buildup of their faeces can damage expensive solar panels because bird faeces are very corrosive. They can also build up on solar panels and compromise their efficiency.
  • Bird faeces and nesting materials accumulating under the solar panels impede the free flow of water draining into your gutters. Gutters also become blocked and damaged, causing in-house water leaks.
  • Birds, bird faeces, and their nests also attract other pests, such as cockroaches and rodents.

Solar panel bird-proofing is a process of installing barriers or deterrents to prevent birds from nesting or roosting under or on top of solar panels. Birds can often cause problems for solar panel owners by building nests, leaving droppings, and causing damage to the panels themselves.

Our Bird-Guard mesh is made from high-quality stainless steel (304) coated in UV-resistant PVC. It’s installed safely underneath the aluminum frames of your solar panels. Its sleek design won’t impact the look of your solar system. No screws are used, as structural changes to your array void your warranty. For this reason, Bird-guard  bird-proofing is made specifically for solar panel arrays.

Bird proofing is important because bird droppings can cause corrosion and damage to solar panels over time, reducing their efficiency and lifespan. Additionally, nests built under solar panels can cause electrical fires and other hazards.

By taking steps to bird proof your solar panels, you can help protect your investment and ensure that your panels continue to operate at their full capacity for years to come.

We’ve been installing Bird-Guard successfully here in New Zealand for over 7 years. We offer the most comprehensive 6-year product and workmanship warranty available.

Solar panels can sometimes attract birds, especially if they are installed in areas where birds are commonly found, such as near bodies of water or in urban areas with a lot of green space. Birds may be attracted to solar panels as a place to roost or build nests, especially if the panels offer protection from the elements.

While solar panels can attract birds, it’s important to note that not all solar panel installations will have this issue. Proper installation and maintenance of solar panels can help reduce the likelihood of bird-related problems, such as damage to the panels or buildup of bird droppings. Additionally, installing bird deterrents or taking other bird proofing measures can help prevent birds from nesting or roosting on your solar panels.

Solar panel systems typically have space between the panels and the roof to allow room for wiring and ventilation. Many small animals nest under solar panels to avoid wind, rain, and heat due to their shading.

In addition to building nests, birds often leave droppings, broken eggs, and dead chicks underneath solar panels. If these accumulate under your panels, the mass reduces the airflow needed to prevent the panels from overheating.

The mess may also flow into your gutters and down the side of your house. There, it causes blockages and an unpleasant sight and smell. A sizable pigeon infestation can block gutters and damage roofs within a matter of weeks if you don’t monitor the situation carefully.

Bird droppings don’t collect just under your panels — they can collect on top of them, too. It’s advisable to clean up droppings as soon as possible. If you don’t, droppings will hinder your panels performance. Plus, once droppings harden from heat, the mess can be difficult to remove, often requiring an expensive chemical treatment. 

Bird proofing can be done by a property owner, but it is generally recommended that bird proofing be done by a professional. This is because bird proofing requires a comprehensive understanding of bird behavior and the most effective methods of keeping birds away. A professional bird proofer will be able to assess your property and recommend the best bird proofing solutions to fit your specific needs.

Bird proofing is much more time-consuming and technical than an average clean. Usually a harness safety line has to be set up as we need our hands on every inch of your solar system’s perimeter. With a clean, we can access difficult areas with 15-metre extendable poles. If your solar system is close to the edge of your roof, we have to find a way to gain access safely.

Before the mesh is installed, all nests, dead or alive, are removed from under the panels. Usually, we can gently pry them out from under your system with special tools. At times, access is just too difficult underneath the panels, and we have temporarily un-install a panel in order to evacuate a nest. If we encounter a live nest, we will remove the family as humanely as possible. Ideally, relocating them nearby. We love birds, we just don’t love them under your panels.

Once all nests are removed, we clean up any surrounding bird poop. Then, installing the mesh can begin. You can expect the job to take around 4 hours, depending on the size of your system. Photos are taken for records, and proofing should be checked annually. We do this free of charge if you are on our annual cleaning plan.

In the event birds ever manage to re-enter under the panels, you  can call us and we will rectify it at no charge, provided it’s within the 6-year warranty period.