Maximise Your Efficiency with Professional Solar Panel Cleaning

Don’t Let Dirt and Grime Steal Your Solar Savings! Increase the performance and extend the lifespan of your solar panels with professional eco-friendly cleaning.

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Solar Panel Bird Proofing,

Family Owned & Operated

Eco Shine Solar was founded and is operated by 3 brothers from the Bay of Plenty!

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Eco Friendly

We use a industry leading pure water system to clean your solar panels, free of nasty chemicals.

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Certified Professionals

We are trained and certified to conduct our work safely on all kinds of solar systems.

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Solar Industry Experts

We have over 15 years of combined experience in the Solar industry.

Benefits of Regular Solar Panel Cleaning

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Increased Energy Efficiency

Well-maintained solar panels can outperform a neglected system by as much as 30%. Regular cleaning will ensure your solar panels are producing at maximum efficiency, reducing your power bill while looking great on your roof!

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Extended Solar Panel Lifespan

Much like your car, your solar panels need regular cleaning to ensure they producing at maximum efficiency. Regular cleaning and maintenance will ensure your solar panels and system components are working safely and will meet their full potential lifespan.

Save Money On Your Energy Bill

Dirty solar panels mean less energy is generated. Studies have shown that even a small amount of dirt or debris on your panels can have a significant impact on their production. If you've noticed a gradual drop in energy production, it's time to have your solar panels cleaned.

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How we clean residential solar systems

Ben shows how we clean a residential solar system, from setting up our pure water system to going through our maintenance check and outlining a couple of common issues we see impacting this solar system’s output. After this clean, we saw a 21% increase in system output.

Your Solar Panel Clean

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7-Point System Inspection

We conduct a full pre-clean check of your solar panels, wiring, seals, and more, making sure your system is in top working order.

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A Professional Clean

We clean with reverse osmosis filtered pure water which is recommended by all solar panel manufacturers for a safe and effective clean.

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A Full System Performance Report

After each clean, we send you an electronic report you can keep on file, detailing your system's current state and registering it's maintenance record.

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Before and After Photos

We send you photos of your panels before and after each clean, and if possible, we send our drone up to give you a full roof inspection!

Our 7-Point Solar Panel Maintenance Check

Take a look at what we check to make sure your solar panel system is working at maximum efficiency!

If you’re interested in finding out more about solar panel maintenance in New Zealand, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel!

See What our Work can do

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How We Work

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Pick up the phone or fill out the form, we will give you a quote to clean your solar system. 

2 Clean

We arrive, conduct a solar system and safety check, and get stuck into removing all the dirt and grime from your panels!

3 Report

We leave you with a detailed report and system health check, plus before and after photos for your records!

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Another Happy Solar Panel Cleaning Customer

We share the success story of another satisfied customer who experienced the Eco Shine Solar difference. Our thorough 7-point maintenance check ensures optimal efficiency and longevity of your solar panels, providing you with a clean, green, and cost-effective energy solution. Watch the full video to hear firsthand how we’ve become the go-to choice for solar panel cleaning and maintenance in New Zealand!

Frequently Asked Questions

The frequency of cleaning residential solar panels in New Zealand depends on several factors, such as the location of your home and the amount of debris that accumulates on the panels. As a general rule, it’s recommended to clean residential solar panels at least once a year in New Zealand to ensure optimal performance.

If your home is located in an area with high levels of pollution or dust, or if there are trees nearby that drop leaves or other debris onto your solar panels, you may need to clean them more frequently. In some cases, it may be necessary to clean them every 3-6 months to keep them operating at their best.

The core factor of any professional solar panel cleaning service is pure water. Solar panels are prone to staining from mineralisation. New Zealand water supplies, be they council, tank, or bore, can all have heavy mineralisation content. There are many methods of making pure water, but none better than Reverse Osmosis. Many panel manufactures warranties exclusively state that pure water must be produced via RO/DI. Pure water produced through less sophisticated filtering methods such as deionization will still contain some heavy minerals. Most importantly, silica, which is responsible for the nasty white chalky stains to which many New Zealanders are accustomed. 

Curious how heavy your water supply is? Ask us on the job, and we can easily test and then show you the difference once it has passed through our RO/DI filter.

We use a range of synthetic and natural fibre brush heads, all specifically made for solar panels. Our lichen removal process is performed manually with special tools specifically designed for solar panels.

Depending on the angle, some solar arrays can be accessed from the ground. In most cases, ladder access and the use of a harness and anchoring point are the most practical options. Difficult pitches or large commercial buildings require an EWP.


Yes, you can, but there are some factors you should consider first.

Firstly, are you aware of the risk of electrocution? Are you aware of which parts of the PV system are most likely to electrocute you?

Some steps you can take to minimise the risk of electrocution are as follows:

– Doing a pre-visual inspection to ensure there are no cracked panels or damaged wires.

– Cleaning when the system is producing low amounts of electricity. For example, on a cloudy day or late in the afternoon.

– Wearing rubber-insulated gloves and footwear, plus not using any cleaning equipment that is a good conductor of electricity.

Now that you’re ready to clean, please consider the main factors that can permanently damage your PV modules and void your warranty. Brushes that are too rough, insufficient water flow, the use of chemicals, water containing high mineral content (heavy water), or the use of pressure washers/water blasters.

If you do opt to clean your own solar panels, we urge you to first read your panel manufacturer’s warranty. Cleaning guidelines are clearly outlined and will help you maintain your warranty and protect the longevity of your solar system.

Finally, please stay safe!

The weather in New Zealand, particularly heavy rainfall and wind, can help keep solar panels clean. However, panels will still eventually become dirty due to dust, bird droppings, pollen, and other environmental factors.

Lichen, moss, and mold are big issues given New Zealand’s geographical location. Regular cleaning is the only way to ensure optimum performance and protect against harmful environmental factors.

Lichen, moss, and mould are big issues given New Zealand’s geographical location. Regular cleaning is the only way to ensure optimum performance and protect against harmful environmental factors such as lichen, moss, and mould.

Absolutely, solar panel cleaning is definitely worth it, especially in New Zealand’s diverse climate. Clean solar panels are crucial for maintaining their efficiency and maximising your renewable energy investment. Over time, panels can accumulate dirt, pollen, bird droppings, and other debris, which can significantly reduce their performance – sometimes by up to 25%. Regular cleaning ensures that your solar panels function at their peak, providing you with the maximum amount of clean, sustainable energy.

In addition, keeping your solar panels clean can extend their lifespan, saving you money in the long run by delaying replacement costs. Regular cleaning also allows for routine inspection, meaning any potential issues can be identified and addressed early on, preventing more significant problems down the line.

We use eco-friendly and gentle cleaning methods specifically designed for solar panels, ensuring that your system remains in top condition without any risk of damage.