Eco Shine Solar: Solar Panel Cleaning And Maintenance Specialists

Eco Shine Solar is New Zealand’s leading solar panel cleaning and maintenance company, providing professional cleaning and maintenance services to keep your solar system operating at peak efficiency.

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About Eco Shine Solar

Eco Shine Solar is owned and operated by three brothers, Edwin, Sam, and Ben. All born and raised in the Bay of Plenty with a love for adventure and the outdoors.

Out of high school, we pursued a career in professional sports, representing New Zealand in beach volleyball and picking up a bronze medal at the Commonwealth Games.

Transferring our work ethic from the sand to the roofs has come naturally. Our goal is to be New Zealand’s leading solar maintenance company, helping everyday Kiwis get the most from their solar PV investment.

Industry Experts

Eco Friendly Products

Certified Professionals

Family Owned and Operated

The Ecoshine Solar Panel Cleaning and Maintenance Brothers

Our Solar Panel Cleaning and Maintenance Services

Residential Solar

We provide you with regular professional cleaning services to keep your panels looking great and producing at their maximum output.

Commercial Solar

Maintaining the efficiency of your commercial solar panels is crucial for maximising the benefits of your solar system.

Bird Proofing

We use purpose-built physical barriers to prevent birds from creating their nests, helping you protect your solar investment.

Utility Solar

We can service large commercial and utility scale solar installations across New Zealand, offering specialised services.

See What our Work can do

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IMG_7371 Before
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How We Work

1 Book

Pick up the phone or fill out the form, we will give you a quote to clean your solar system. 

2 Clean

We arrive, conduct a solar system and safety check, and get stuck into removing all the dirt and grime from your panels!

3 Report

We leave you with a detailed report and system health check, plus before and after photos for your records!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Eco Shine Solar was founded by three brothers, Edwin, Sam, and Ben O’Dea. With over 15 years of combined experience in the solar industry, we bring a strong work ethic, expert knowledge, and a passion for eco-friendly practices to every project. Our family-operated business prioritises customer satisfaction, utilising industry-leading, eco-friendly products, and advanced techniques to ensure your solar panels operate at their best.

At Eco Shine Solar, safety and efficiency are our top priorities. Our team of certified professionals is trained to handle solar systems safely, equipped with specialised equipment designed specifically for solar panel cleaning. We use brush heads that effectively clean without causing damage and employ a pure water system to avoid harsh chemicals. Before every cleaning session, we conduct a full system check and provide a detailed report to identify and address any potential issues, ensuring that your solar panels remain in optimal condition.

Eco Shine Solar Ltd is committed to eco-friendly practices. We use a pure water system for cleaning your solar panels, ensuring that the process is free of harmful chemicals. This method not only provides a thorough cleaning but also aligns with our commitment to protecting the environment and your solar investment.

Yes, Eco Shine Solar is equipped to handle solar panel cleaning in various locations, including remote or difficult-to-access areas. Our team is fully certified to work at heights and carries full insurance, ensuring that we can safely and effectively clean solar panels wherever they are installed. We have experience cleaning rooftop, ground mount and even systems installed over water on pontoons!

Scheduling a solar panel clean is straightforward and customer-friendly. You can contact us through our website or by phone to set up an appointment or get a quote. We pride ourselves on punctuality and reliability. Once scheduled, you can expect us to arrive on time, in uniform, and fully prepared with professional equipment to deliver top-notch service.

Getting a quote is simple. You can reach out to us directly through our website’s contact form, email, or by giving us a call. We’ll discuss your specific needs, assess the scope of your solar panel system, and provide you with a detailed, transparent quote tailored to your needs.

We are dedicated to delivering the highest quality service. We adhere to all manufacturer warranty guidelines meaning a safe and effective clean. While specific guarantees or warranties are detailed in our service agreements, we assure customer satisfaction through our professional service, thorough maintenance checks, and commitment to addressing any potential issues before they escalate.

Eco Shine Solar stays at the forefront of the industry by continuously updating our knowledge and skills. With over 15 years of experience in the solar industry in New Zealand and Australia, we regularly train our team in the latest methods, invest in the newest equipment, and adhere to the best practices, ensuring that we provide cutting-edge, efficient, and safe solar panel cleaning and maintenance services.

We are the first company to import a specialty designed solar panel cleaning robot allowing us to clean more efficiently and safely and will continue to invest in our products to make sure our customers are getting the best!